Remembering the Magic

Nothing quite compares to your first memory of unlocking a game’s secret level, or finally triumphing over that big boss.  I founded Giffen Interactive with the hope of bringing back that magic, one small indie title at a time.  Incorporated in 2018, Giffen Interactive Inc. is near Edmonton in Alberta, Canada.  Lots of winter means more time for game dev!

Before starting Giffen Interactive, I had wonderful jobs at varying studios in and around Ontario.  Below you can see their amazing titles, and how I contributed to them.  Enjoy!

My work previous to Giffen Interactive (former employers):

Disney Magic Kingdoms

A beautiful, charm filled title from Gameloft Toronto, Disney Magic Kingdoms was an unprecedented success, both visually and content-wise.  I implemented the dynamic shadowing systems, varying post effects, graphics subsystems, and assisted with gameplay programming as well.

Sound Shapes

One of my personal favorites, I played this gem from Queasy Games for 2 minutes, and immediately knew it would be a hit.  Mixing platforming with song writing, this is a game you’ll instantly love.  I provided the DIRAC implementation for PSVita (the ability to change song bpm), as well as save systems and server song previews.

X-Men: Destiny

X-Men Destiny – a vivid brawler from Silicon Knights, this game has colorful X-Men designs, big bravado cutscenes, and interesting combat mechanics based on the three protagonist’s varying abilities.  As the Wii systems programmer, I provided a wide array of graphics and system programming for this title.