A Passion For Creating Fun

Incorporated in 2018, Giffen Interactive Inc. is located in Durham region of Ontario, Canada.  I founded Giffen Interactive with the goal of bringing my own indie games to life, both virtually and physically.

Offering Freelance Development has been a success, and I’m happy to have helped many of my developer friends create their amazing titles.

The upcoming launch of my 2nd generation Arcade is an exciting new venture, which I’m hoping will expand into even further opportunities.

Finally, my first indie game is in the works, quietly brewing in the early stages.  I’m excited to share with you, but I’m not prepared to reveal anything just yet – for the moment, you’ll have to stay tuned to find out more!  More news will follow in the coming months.  Hope to see you then!

My work previous to Giffen Interactive (former employers):

Disney Magic Kingdoms

A beautiful, charm filled title from Gameloft Toronto, Disney Magic Kingdoms was an unprecedented success, both visually and content-wise.  I implemented the dynamic shadowing systems, varying post effects, graphics subsystems, and assisted with gameplay programming as well.

Sound Shapes

One of my personal favorites, I played this gem from Queasy Games for 2 minutes, and immediately knew it would be a hit.  Mixing platforming with song writing, this is a game you’ll instantly love.  I provided the DIRAC implementation for PSVita (the ability to change song bpm), as well as save systems and server song previews.

X-Men: Destiny

X-Men Destiny – a vivid brawler from Silicon Knights, this game has colorful X-Men designs, big bravado cutscenes, and interesting combat mechanics based on the three protagonist’s varying abilities.  As the Wii systems programmer, I provided a wide array of graphics and system programming for this title.