Handmade Arcades for the 21st Century

My custom made arcades feature digitally downloaded titles running on powerful modern PC! Play games new and old, play multiplayer via wifi, or browse the game stores – with millions of games available, this arcade will entertain you for years to come.

Take a Look for Yourself!

Every Arcade Custom Built, by Hand.

My first build was the arcade pictured here – a totally custom design featuring Way of the Passive Fist. I enjoyed the process of building it so much, I’ve decided to offer these builds to everyone! Check out the features below!

Go Ahead, Touch It.

So many Features!

Sanwa-style (balltop) 8 way joystick per player.

6+2 Sanwa-style LED buttons per player. 6x30mm control buttons in Noir layout. 24mm Coin & 1P/2P buttons.

Choice of Red or Blue controls.

21″ LED 1920×1080@60hz monitor.

20 watt amplifier via 4″ stereo loudspeakers.

Easy-access volume & tone controls under console.

CPU: Ryzen 3.7Ghz quad core

GPU: Radeon Vega 8

Mem: 16GB DDR4 3000

Storage: 240GB SSD

Includes licensed copy of Windows 10.

Seamless, push-to-popout sliding drawer in the front beneath the controls.

Keyboard and mouse inside for quick and easy PC control.

USB hub for utility, connecting usb sticks, etc.

Convenience without the fuss; no batteries, no messy cords hanging.

Beneath the console for easy access but hidden from view.

Brushed steel 25mm LED soft-power button for stylish and easy on & off.

Volume and tone controls for quick and easy adjustment as you play – turn up the bass!

Several custom art designs you can choose from.

Sidewall, marquee, and front can all be uniquely chosen.

If you prefer you can provide your own art!

You can also forego art for a ‘naked’ cabinet.

Full-size arcade cabinet, standing 6 feet tall (183cm).

Width and Depth: 2×2 feet (61x61cm).

Approx. weight 175lbs (80kg).

Get Your Very Own Arcade (soon)!

These arcades will be ready soon, I’m finishing their final touches.  Sign up to be notified when they’re ready, or to submit questions!

Prices are estimated around $2500 CAD, depending on features.

Number of Players:
1 Player2 Player